Top 10 large and heavy dog breeds

The dog is man’s best friend. Everyone knows this statement, so you will not surprise anyone with the presence of a four-legged family member. A person who has gotten a dog will not be able to imagine life without it. They fall in love with their dedication and desire to please. The dog will always love the owner for who he is.

Today, there is a huge selection of breeds. From pocket to heavy – one hundred kilograms. As the information shows, it is also one of the friendliest breeds. They do not use their size at all to intimidate people, but faithfully and faithfully serve them and give them love throughout their lives.

We bring to your attention the rating of the largest dogs in the world: top 10 large breeds with photos and descriptions.

10. Leonberger

Growth: female: 65–75cm, male: 72–80cm

The appearance of this dog can be intimidating, but in fact, despite all his musculature, he is very elegant and helpful.

It takes its name from the town of Leonberg. It is believed that when breeding this dog, they wanted to get a breed that would look like a lion from the coat of arms of this city.

Anyone who chooses to be a friend Leonberger will get an excellent companion and watchdog. This breed is good at recognizing strangers and will only serve one owner. At the same time, they are distinguished by their joy of life and get along wonderfully with children.

9. Moscow Watchdog

Growth: 64 – 69cm
This breed is bred as a guard dog. Moscow Watchdog known for her stubbornness, so she definitely needs some practice. But if you show yourself to be a caring owner, she will become an excellent companion. The Moscow Watchdog can be both calm and energetic.

The owner will have enough time to play with the dog, since it grows only in 2-3 years. All this time they are full of energy and desire for active games. Another feature of this breed is instant reaction. They attack as soon as they sense a threat to themselves or their master.

8. Boerboel

Growth: male: 64–70cm, female: 59–65cm

Boerboel does not have an easy personality. In order for him to have diligent behavior in the house, he must spend several hours a day in the fresh air. And not just ordinary walking, but exhausting activities.

Boerboel is always striving to dominate, so you have to remember to remember who’s boss. This breed is very strong and stubborn, so it needs careful training from an early age.

It is one of the most dangerous dogs, so if you have no training experience, it is better to turn to professionals. It is almost impossible to re-educate a Boerboel. But if everything is done correctly and on time, they will become great friends for the whole family.

7. Newfoundland

Growth: male: 69–74cm, female: 63–69cm

It is one of the oldest dogs. She is often called diving dog and used to rescue drowning people. Little is known about the history of this breed, they got their name in honor of the island.

It is a great option for families. They get along well with all members of the family, including small children and other pets. Newfoundland does not understand aggression, so you need to show patience and affection with him.

If you are a fan of hikes and long walks along the coast, this breed is definitely for you. No matter it’s snowing or raining outside, they will be happy to go for a walk anytime. But at the same time, they feel calm and comfortable at home.

This breed is not at all suited for protection, but its size will make the offender think on approach.

6. tibetan mastiff

Growth: male: 66–76cm, female: 61–71cm

A powerful dog breed that stands out for its size and intelligence. They were bred in Tibet for protection. The dog is very gentle with the owner, always allowing himself to be petted and waiting for a gentle look.

This breed is distinguished by its attitude towards children. They are real nannies. With other animals tibetan mastiff feels comfortable and may even adopt certain habits. The breed looks intimidating, but poses no threat to people, especially with professional training.

They perform all commands with pleasure and never resist the training of the owner. Above all, this breed is common in Europe and especially in some states of America.

5. german dog

Growth: female: 71–81cm, male: 76–86cm

Already in appearance it is clear that this dog breed is very noble. But with their character they constantly prove their nobility. Great Danes very calm and balanced. It is difficult to resist such beauty, which is why they are often kept in royal families.

A feature of the breed is an accurate understanding of the owner from half a word. They are suitable for both single people and noisy families with children. But do not forget about education, otherwise you can get a stubborn and persistent dog in age.

4. Pyrenean Mastiff

Growth: male: 77-80 cm, female: 71-75 cm

large breed dog Pyrenean Mastiff will become a faithful, caring and reliable companion. Its origin goes far back in time. The extremely intelligent dog is very tolerant in the family, allowing even the naughtiest children to play with him.

Will be a reliable guard or bodyguard. She likes to run and walk, requires enough space for her size, so the best solution would be to keep her in a private house.

It is easy to train this breed, but you should not miss the moment, otherwise it will be very difficult to re-educate the Pyrenean Mastiff.

3. Saint Bernard

Growth: male: 70–90 cm, female: 65–80 cm

It is one of the most popular breeds. They are very friendly and love people. But at the same time, they are good defenders and they will always stand between danger and a person. There are many instances in history where Saint Bernard rescued people from snowy rubble and water.

This dog breed always tries to please the owner, so the training process will be easy and calm. But you should do this as soon as possible, otherwise the Saint Bernard can be impudent and mischievous. The calm nature makes this dog breed a great family member, even in a home with young children.

They are very patient and get along well with all pets, even cats and small dogs. The attention of the owner is a vital necessity for them, therefore it is worth congratulating them as often as possible and not forgetting to show him all your love.

2. spanish mastiff

Growth: 77-88cm.

The birthplace of this tall handsome man is Spain, which is clear from the name of the breed. spanish mastiff comes from the crossing of ancient Celtic fighting and guard dogs with mountain shepherds.

The breed is an excellent hunter and is able to hunt even a bear. But in the family, the Spanish Mastiff manifests itself as an affectionate and gentle dog, capable of careful guarding and being a true friend. They need love and attention, training and personal, rather intrusive space.

1. English mastiff

Growth: 70-91cm.

english mastiff is an ancient breed of dog. The largest mastiff and the largest mastiff in Europe. He is a balanced and calm dog, very reasonable. Don’t expect blind execution from him.

The English Mastiff will demand to gain trust and show character. Due to their large size, care should be taken when dealing with dogs with children.

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