the most modern rare and easy nicknames for large, medium and small breeds (Chuhuahua, sheepdogs, huskies, Yorkies, Spitz and others)

Naming your beloved pet is all about responsibility. After all, by what the owners will call it, the impression of others on the pet will be formed. There are a lot of names, but it’s not always necessary to look in the phone book to choose the right nickname for your four-legged family member.

The clue to naming a dog is right under your nose! Look at the animal, identify its characteristics and habits. Maybe the animal likes to tear window curtains or watch running water? In the first case, you can imagine and name the dog, for example, Shtorkinand in the second Undine. When asked, “Why did you name the dog that way?” you can answer.

Well, now let’s think together about the interesting names for dogs that you can find. Even if you choose nothing, chances are the article will give you food for thought.

We present you beautiful names for female dogs: the most modern rare and easy nicknames for large, medium and small breeds (Chuhuahua, Shepherd Dogs, Husky, Yorkie, Spitz and others).

10. funny

When we hear the word “funny”, we associate it with something that should make you laugh, smile. If you have a dog of such breeds as bullets, basset hound Where welsh corgithen without funny name just can’t do it!

Of course, your dog may be of a different breed, but if he makes you smile sweetly and when you look at him, others and your guests start laughing, watch out for these nicknames: Prankster, Byaka, Chukchi, Villain, Pillow.

If you notice that your pet is not indifferent to food, then feel free to take these nicknames: Chignon, Chignon, Meatball, Charlotte or even Sausage!

9. aristocratic

A proud dog with good manners appears immediately. She has a cultural rest, does not tear up the furniture and looks with incomprehension at the bosses who swarm around her in the morning, in a hurry to go to work.

Yes, they are also found in dogs. aristocrats, and this fact cannot be disputed. Just look at breeds such as king charles spaniel, sloughi, collie, english pointer and others, it remains only to give them the title of dog-aristocrats.

If you think your dog has the right temperament, write down these names: Lady, Pearl, Daisy, Queen, Charlotte.

Well, do not let her act on TV, and only you and your family members will call her beautiful names, the main thing is that the name really suits her. Names can also work: Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Magdalene, Gertrude, Juliet.

8. For white color

White symbolizes spiritual purity, truth, joy and celebration. In the name of the white flower Lily (of course, flowers come in other colors, but white lilies are the most common) Girls are often called, why not call your family member by the same name?

In addition to this name, there are other equally wonderful nicknames: Snowflake, Snezhana, Pearl, Ice, Pink. In general, white is associated with albinos, snow and winter in general, and this can be inferred.

The following names may also work: Frozen, Melissa, Seagull, Cloud, Dew. snow white color found in the following breeds: Bolognese, Maltese, Spitz, Hungarian Kuvasz.

7. For black color

Black, of course, is associated with status, seriousness and solidity. It would be strange to call a dog black little thing or for example Bully. Especially when it comes to breeds as “serious” as doberman, rottweiler, schipperke, manchester etc Although, if you look at your furry friend and the animal makes you laugh sweetly, why not call it something funny? Ember, Night, Devil, Gothic Where Soot– how do you like these options?

We also suggest that you pay attention to more serious names that are translated from foreign languages ​​as “darkness”: Alata, Suam, Sheni, Giza Where Andera.

6. For the color red

OrangeCome to me!” – imagine that this is how you will call your beloved dog. How do you like this nickname? It is perfect for a lively, energetic and sunny animal.

Red dogs are associated with warmth and joy, they look like cunning foxes, moreover, their coat plays in the sun with all sorts of red shades. Red colored dogs there are such breeds: good-natured Golden retriever, hungarian vizsla, chow chow (Dog Cat), irish setter etc

Depending on the disposition of your beloved pet, you should proceed when choosing a name. We offer the following names: Fox, Amber, Flame, Spark, Jasper, Hemp, Squirrel. Also edible: Caramel, Pepper.

5. For large breeds

For large breedslike Mastiff, Sheepdog, Dogo Argentino, Mountain Dog, Bullmastiff, Sarlos Wolfdog, Greyhound etc., it is advisable to use appropriate names.

A nickname like: baby baby and others, because the little dog you are going to have (or already have) will one day grow up. Do not forget it.

Additionally, many large breed dogs are hunters, often bred to guard their homes or for hunting. Based on this, we suggest you consider the following names: Comet, Yalma, Dune, Reed, Puck.

If your dog is a large breed, but calm and loves the home, then it can be called one of these names: Laguna, Jasmine, Sabrina, Isis Where Will have.

4. For medium breeds

medium breed dogs can have different names: funny, serious, or give a nickname that would correspond perfectly to the character of the dog, for example, Dancer.

Medium sizes cover a wide variety of breeds – from terriers to greyhounds. They can be calm or energetic. But they have something in common – it is a weight that varies from 15 to 30 kg. It might be: australian shepherd, cocker spaniel, boxer, welsh corgi, kurtshaar, collie etc

Dog names can be very diverse: Vivienne, Gabrielle, Julia, Juliet, Infiniti etc You can give the dog a funny nickname: Water lily, Bun, Yula, Zlyuchka Where Lady. To choose!

3. For small breeds

You want to hold a small dog in your hands, take care of it and play with it. But often the appearance of a dog differs from its character, for example, Yorkshire terrier – although a small dog, but quite dangerous. She is jealous of her master and is very unhappy when little attention is paid to her.

Also for small breed dogs the best known include: norwich terrier, chinese crested, havanese, pekingese, dachshund rabbit etc

For little female dogs, nicknames such as: Pimple, Blob, Asterisk, Freckle (the perfect nickname for a fluffy little dog). You can name them: Ashley, Heidi, Irma, Lisbeth, Gretta and etc

2. Foreigner

Each name means something, so before choosing it for your pet, you should read its meaning in advance. The name should not be chosen according to the principle “I like it”, but according to the animal.

foreign names because dogs are popular among Russian residents. This choice can be understood, because they are beautiful to the ear, many of them are unusual, which attracts owners of their pets.

For a female dog, you can choose a complex name: Sleeping Beauty means “sleeping beauty” Ice Angel – angel eyes pretty baby – “beautiful child”, or easy: Chloe, Luna, Zoe, Molly, Juliet, Sadie.

1. Russians

The choice of names is quite wide, moreover, owners of their dogs often come up with a nickname for their beloved pet. However, if you’re reading this article, you need help choosing a name.

What are your dog’s personality traits? Maybe she always cheers you up when cats scratch your heart? So call her Sun Where Light.

Maybe she’s white? This name is suggested: Zimushka, Arctic, Severina.

If you prefer beautiful, euphonic Russian names, then you should definitely like one of these names: Polly, Elizabeth, Mary.

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