The largest rodents in the world: top 10

The most numerous group of mammals are rodents. A total of 2,277 species have been described. They are found almost everywhere, anywhere on our planet, except for Antarctica and some islands.

Usually all rodents are small in size, from 5 to 130 cm, but on average do not exceed 50 cm. Many of them have a particularly long tail, much larger than their body size, but some have it completely absent, like sea pigs.

The smallest rodent is only 3 cm long (plus 2 cm tail), it weighs only 7 g. Some rodents are impressive in size. So, the average weight of a capybara is 65 kg, and individual specimens weigh up to 91 kg.

Larger ones can be called long-extinct rodents. The remains of giant representatives of this group were found, the largest of which weighed from 1 to 1.5 tons, it is possible that it reached a size of 2.5 tons. Now you will not be able to meet such giants.

Yet the largest rodents in the world are striking in their size, despite the fact that our society has long had a stereotype that if it’s a rodent, it’s a small animal that fits in the palm of the hand. hand.

10. indian giant squirrel

Her name is and indian town hall. It is a tree squirrel found in India. Prefers mixed or deciduous forests. These animals usually live in groups.

In each individual habitat, they have their own fur color, so you can easily determine where this or that animal was caught. Usually the color scheme consists of 2-3 colors, from beige to brown in different shades, there is also yellow. Between the ears indian giant squirrels there is a white spot.

The length of the squirrel, if you count the head and the body, is 36 cm (adult), but they also have a long tail that can reach 61 cm. An adult squirrel weighs about 2 kg. They prefer to live in the upper part of the forest. They are very cautious animals, they are active early in the morning and at the end of the afternoon.

9. soviet chinchilla

Despite its name, we are not talking about a chinchilla at all, but about a breed of rabbits bred for fur. He was brought up in the USSR. Our experts crossed American chinchillas with different breeds and were able to increase the live weight of the animal up to 5 kg.

In 1963 a new breed was approved soviet chinchilla. Its representatives are distinguished by thick fur, high-quality skin, large size, good endurance and early maturity.

Their body is 60-70 cm long, they are silver or dark silver, the belly and part of the legs are black, there is a border on the ears of the same color. An adult rabbit weighs 3-5 kg, among them there are champions who have gained up to 7-8 kg.

8. nutria

His other names are swamp beaver Where koipu. “nutria“is translated from the Greek as”mouse beaver“. In appearance, it resembles a huge rat: the body reaches 60 cm, the tail is 45 cm, it weighs from 5 to 12 kg. Males are usually larger than females.

She has a huge head with small ears and small eyes, the muzzle is blunt in shape. The tail – hairless, is a kind of frill, which is used for swimming. The fur of this animal is waterproof, brown.

Nutria lives in South America, but she was able to acclimatize in many countries. Shows activity at night. Lives in groups of 2 to 13 individuals.

7. Baibak

Other name – Marmot. He lives in the virgin steppes of Eurasia. English name”Bobak marmotĀ» comes from the Turkish wordbobak“, which also means “Marmot”.

It resembles other marmots, but is distinguished by its yellow coloring and its short tail, which does not exceed 15 cm in length. The bobak is also distinguished by its size: its body length is 50-70 cm, a male who has gained weight can weigh up to 10 kg.

In the past, it was a common animal that lived in the steppe zone from Hungary to the Irtysh. But due to the plowing of virgin land, the area occupied by it has decreased significantly, because. they cannot live in vegetable and grain crops. Baibaks form perennial colonies, organize many holes for themselves. They eat plant foods.

6. Pacarana

Her name is different fake package. Pacarana similar to a guinea pig, but it is a fairly large rodent. The length of her body is 73-79 cm, she weighs 10-15 kg.

It is a massive and heavy animal. The tail is about one third the size of the body. She has a broad head, on which rounded ears and unusually large eyes are displayed.

Pakarana is black or dark brown, there are white spots, the fur is coarse, sparse. You can meet her in the forests of the Amazon. They are slow animals. Not much is known of their lives.

5. Mara

They are also called patagonian hares Where patagonian pigs. Mara can reach 69-75 cm, large individuals gain weight up to 9-16 kg. The length of their tail is only 4.5 cm.

The upper part of the body is grayish in color, and the lower part is whitish, there are white or yellow stripes on the sides. The fur of this rodent is thick.

You can meet mara in South America. They prefer to go out in search of food during the day, congregate for communal food and forage on plants.

4. Flanders

This is the name of one of the breeds of rabbits. He was raised in Belgium. Flanders – one of the most famous and common breeds, it is not known exactly how it was obtained.

These rabbits are bred in many countries, and in each of them, Flanders has its own characteristics. Assign German, English, Spanish, etc. representatives of this breed. In the USSR, they did not take root due to the harsh climate, but were used for breeding “gray giant“.

Flanders is striking in its size. They have a long body – up to 67 cm, high, thick and dense fur, color – gray or yellow-gray. Adult rabbits weigh 7 kg, some of them reach 10-12 kg, there are champions weighing 25 kg.

3. crested porcupine

It is often called porcupine. The animal’s thick, stocky body is covered in black and white needles. They have 2 types. There are long and flexible ones, reaching 40 cm, and there are short and hard ones, 15-30 cm each, but of considerable thickness.

AT crested porcupine rounded muzzle, round eyes are located on it. He has short legs, he moves slowly, but he can also run. He very rarely gives his voice, only in times of danger or annoyance.

This is a very large rodent, reaching 90 cm, plus a tail – 10-15 cm. The average weight is 8-12 kg, but some well-fed males weigh up to 27 kg.

2. Beaver

Semi-aquatic mammal with beautiful fur, consisting of coarse hair and a very thick silky undercoat. It is light chestnut or dark brown in color, the tail and legs are black.

Beaver – one of the largest rodents, whose body length is 1-1.3 m, and weight is 30-32 kg. In the past, it was distributed throughout Europe and Asia, but at the beginning of the 20th century it was almost exterminated, but now it is found almost everywhere. Beavers settle near rivers, lakes, ponds, live in their huts located under water or in burrows in steep steep banks.

1. capybara

It is also called capybara. It is a herbivorous mammal, its name is composed of 8 letters (capybara), is often requested in crosswords and scanwords. Its body length is 1-1.35 m, height – 50-60 cm. Males can weigh 34-63 kg, females even more – 36-65.5 kg. Outwardly, the capybara somewhat resembles a guinea pig, it has an elongated body and a hard coat.

It can be seen in Central and South America. Lives near water, rarely leaves it above 1000 meters. They are active during the day, but can also switch to a nocturnal lifestyle.

They can swim and dive, feed on aquatic plants, grass, hay and tubers. Capybaras are calm, friendly, they are often kept as pets.

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