The largest eagle in the world: top 10 large individuals

Eagles are fairly large birds of prey belonging to the falcon family. They live in Africa, as well as Eurasia and North America. These animals have a fairly large wingspan – it can reach 2.5 meters. Very beautiful and amazing creatures.

Most often, eagles prefer to hunt small vertebrates. At first, they watch over them while hovering in the sky. It should be noted that some species can very well feed on simple carrion.

Currently, the number of these birds is decreasing. This is due to the fact that people are destroying our nature, while developing agricultural activities. All of them strongly affect the reduction of food for eagles.

In this article we will see which are the largest eagles in the world.

10. dwarf eagle

dwarf eagle – one of the small representatives of this amazing family. Many note that he is very attractive, as his physique resembles that of a buzzard.

Unlike the falcon, the dwarf eagle prefers to hunt not only in the sky, but also on the ground. This species was first studied in 1788. This name fully justifies the size of this bird. Currently, only 2 subspecies are known. Some have dark plumage, while others are light.

It should be noted that the Indo-Europeans attached quite great importance to this species. In fact, the name “dwarf” does not at all correspond to the appearance of a tough and rather dangerous bird. Its small size is offset by powerful legs and tenacious claws.

The dwarf eagle can easily live in Europe, as well as in South Africa and Central Asia. He prefers to eat hares and rabbits, rats, as well as starlings, magpies, forest larks, partridges and many others.

9. hawk eagle

hawk eagle – It is a fairly large bird that belongs to the falcon family. The length of one of its wings is almost 55 cm, and its color is completely different – mainly blackish-brown.

This species of eagles lives in tropical and subtropical zones. It feeds on small mammals, rabbits, hares, partridges, pigeons. Prey can be caught on the ground and in the air.

Currently classified as endangered. The reason for the extermination is the people. It should be noted that very often these birds die on the wires of power lines.

8. stone eagle

Currently, the number stone eagles estimates of a hundred to a thousand individuals. This species was first discovered in 1822. It lives in Africa, Central and South Asia. For example, in India, the stone eagle prefers to live near small towns. Many locals note that it can be seen at an altitude of up to three thousand meters.

These animals are very attached to their habitats, and therefore rarely leave them. They are mainly diurnal and fly out to hunt fairly early in the morning. In the evening they go to bed.

The diet includes medium and large insects. The life expectancy of such a bird does not exceed 30 years.

7. great spotted eagle

great spotted eagle has a body length of about 65-75 centimeters. The females are much larger than the males. The plumage is mostly monophonic, dark brown, but the back of the head can be a little lighter in color.

They prefer to live in Eurasia, Poland, Hungary and even China. Winter is found in India or Iran. You can also see in Russia.

This species of eagle prefers to live more in mixed forests, as well as near grasslands and swamps. The spotted eagle tries to catch its prey from a great height. It feeds on rodents, as well as small reptiles and amphibians.

Currently, these animals are bred in captivity. They are listed in the Red Book of Russia, as their population is drastically decreasing.

6. Spanish cemetery

Spanish cemetery takes its name from Prince Adalbert of Bavaria. Until recently, this species was considered a subspecies of the imperial eagle, but currently it is considered a separate species. The length of the body is only 80 cm, the wingspan can reach 2.2 meters.

The plumage is dark brown. Can be found in Spain and Portugal. Basically, the Spanish imperial eagle prefers to eat rabbits, as well as rodents, hares, pigeons, ducks, and sometimes even foxes.

Feels calm on open landscapes. It should be noted that this species of eagles prefers to lead a monogamous life. Currently, a decrease in the bird population is known. They mostly die from the illegal poison baits that people spread.

5. graveyard

graveyard – It is a fairly large bird that belongs to the falcon family. Prefers to live in the forest-steppe zone of Eurasia, as well as in the central regions of China.

It hunts ground squirrels, marmots, small hares and birds. It is considered a separate independent species. From the golden eagle, for example, it differs in smaller sizes.

Ornithologists believe that this species was named so because it buries its deceased parents. Currently listed in the Red Book of Russia, as their populations are declining.

4. steppe eagle

Currently steppe eagle considered a fairly rare endangered species. But only three decades ago they were numerous and widespread.

When the eagle reaches the age of four, it changes color to dark brown. It is found on the territory of Russia, in the Astrakhan and Rostov regions.

For it to exist normally, it needs open spaces that are not touched by people. In most cases, he leads a day life. It can feed very well on small and medium rodents and ground squirrels.

3. kaffir eagle

kaffir eagle considered a fairly large bird. It differs from others in that it has 2 white stripes on its shoulders in the form of the Latin letter V. They were first studied by the French naturalist René in 1831.

Most of them live south of the Sahara. Settling in drier mountainous areas. They lead a very simple life. Eagles are strongly attached to their home region and they try not to leave it.

It should be noted that the kaffir eagle makes amazing sounds that resemble the voices of young turkeys. It feeds on small antelopes, monkeys, hares and rabbits. In rare cases, carrion can also be used. Before attacking their prey, they descend to ground level.

2. wedge-tailed eagle

wedge-tailed eagle – It is an exclusively diurnal raptor, found mainly in Australia, as well as in Tasmania. It prefers to build its nest on higher trees, from where the whole environment can be seen. Favorable conditions where there is enough food for them.

They can also feed on carrion, but their main prey is rabbits, lizards and small birds. Cases of attacks on small lambs are known.

1. golden eagle

golden eagle It is considered one of the largest birds belonging to the falcon family. It has not only impressive dimensions, but also a specific taste.

It can adapt to completely different conditions. It is almost impossible to see him, because he has great intelligence and cunning and almost always avoids meeting a person.

Currently, their number is significantly reduced. Lives in Alaska, Russia, Belarus, Spain. It feeds on hares, foxes, marmots, turtles, squirrels and many others.

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