Biggest carp: top 10 world record holders

It seems like this list is a dream come true for every angler in the world. Indeed, to have in their hands a fish that will become famous all over the world, they spend hours or even days there.

The weight recorded by official sources is 40, 42 and even 46 kilograms. Looking at the photos, it is hard to believe that this is not a photoshop, especially when it comes to carp, which most often do not exceed the weight of more than 3-4 kilograms.

Not every fishing rod can withstand such giants, which are scary to pick up, but brave anglers are proud of their merits and even let them go again. Almost all of these fish were on the first rows from the top.

We introduce you to the record holders, many of whom are global. Perhaps this list will only be updated, because fishing is still relevant and will not lose its relevance for many years.

10. Briggs fish from Rainbow Lake in France. Weight 36kg

In Lake Raindow, which became famous for its carp, was caught Briggs Frish. His weight was 36 kg. The lake is located in the south of France and is the most frequented place for carp. Its area is 46 hectares. A feature of the lake was 2 wooded islands in the middle.

Basically mirror carp, carp and sturgeon live in this lake. Many anglers hope to catch Briggs fish. Such a fish would become a trophy for anglers. Some of the most famous carp anglers spend their session on this lake.

For the safety of anglers, the lake is fenced around the perimeter and guarded. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful places where people come not only to fish, but also to relax with the whole family.

9. Carp Neptune from France. Weight 38.2 kg

France is famous for its lakes and ponds with large fish, especially carp of different weights. Many fish caught have names.

Fish so famously nicknamed Neptune. This fish was caught in a public tank in France. He was caught in wild water. His weight was 38.2 kilograms.

It is also considered one of the biggest fish and is in the top ten. These fish were only encountered by carp anglers a few times during the entire fishing period. For some time he held 1st place in records. Many carp anglers have followed this fish and tried to catch it. She was also considered a prized trophy for many.

8. Carp Ken Dodd from Rainbow Lake in France. Weight 39kg

Carp Ken Dodd one of Rainbow Lake’s most famous residents. In itself, a carp of the mirror type. He is famous for his interesting appearance. The weight of this fish was 39 kilograms.

The last time he was arrested was in 2011. As soon as he was caught, everyone was struck by his weight and good looks, he was called a handsome, full-bodied man. Indeed, the fish was like a mirror, it was distinguished by its scales. For a very short time he amazed everyone and found himself in the top of the biggest fish in 1st place.

7. Eric’s common carp from Rainbow Lake in France. Weight 41kg

This fish held the leading position for only two weeks. He has been captured several times at Rainbow Lake in France. Eric’s Common Carp lost to Mary by only 450 grams. This fish was known to all the local anglers on the lake and were very proud of their catch.

Due to its weight, this fish, like many others, did not always resist rods, which could affect the failure of fishing. But some anglers still managed to catch it. Among the fishermen there was a dream of catching it, for them it was an indicator of skill and experience.

6. Carp Mary from Germany. Weight 41.45 kg

This carp marie not only became the biggest in Germany, but also a universal favorite. She fell more than once under the bait of carp anglers, who were already dreaming of such a catch.

This carp, however, held the top positions for a short time. He lived for several years with a private trader and for a long time remained under the title of “the biggest carp”. This is how he broke the world record.

Weighed and measured several times a month, his last parameters were as follows – 41 kilograms 450 grams. This fish died in 2012. But known to all anglers in the world.

5. Mirror Carp from Rainbow Lake in France. Weight 42kg

The story associated with this carp is truly unique. He not only became a world record holder in 2010, but also created many legends and mysteries around him.

During a full session only one fish was caught and it was found to weigh 42 kilograms. The fisherman is unlikely to have been upset about this, as the daily catch was the weekly plan.

Interesting fact: rainbow lake mirror carp in France, it bit at a temperature of -3 degrees, which is unusual for this fish.

It is also worth noting the unusual appearance and beautiful appearance of the scales of this carp. No wonder it’s called a mirror image.

4. Carp Scar from Lac des Graviers in France. Weight 44kg

This fish was caught and immediately gave him a nickname – The scar. In 2010, the Scar carp set an example for all other carp and retained its title for two whole years. He was caught even with a weight of 39 kilograms, but he received the title only at 44 years old.

Everyone who came to the lake dreamed of catching this fish. Only not all fishing rods will withstand it. Vertical furrows are visible on its body. The name was given to him because of the large scar on his torso, by the same distinctive feature he is easily recognizable on the Lac des Graviers in France.

3. Giant lake Lac du Der-Chantecoq in France. Weight 44kg

This carp ranks first among the largest fish caught in public waters. But you can’t argue with numbers carp from Der-Chantecoq lake ranks third in France.

The lake is an amazing place where there are a large number of unique species of wildlife. The area of ​​​​the lake reaches 4800 hectares. 75,000 cranes stop here on their way south. This lake is public, where almost everyone fishes.

From a bird’s eye view, the lake is incredibly beautiful and attracts crowds of tourists not only for fishing, but also for relaxing. The biggest carp weighed 44 kilograms and was caught in October 2015. He just missed the world record.

2. Carp from Euro Aqua lake in Hungary. Weight 46kg

This lake has provided anglers with record holders more than once, most recently they were able to catch carp, which reached the mark of 46 kilograms. He was only two kilos away from the world record, but he nevertheless became famous among anglers around the world. His capture caused more surprise, even than world records.

At the club Euro Aqua lake only members can enter, getting a club card is not easy at all. The price for a week of fishing will cost those who want to try their luck at catching a big fish at 1600 euros. In 2012, the caught carp broke all records with a weight of 46 kilograms.

1. World record holder of the Euro Aqua lake in Hungary. Weight 48kg

The world record that no one has broken so far belongs to Euro Aqua lake carp in Hungary. The weight of this fish was almost 48 kilograms. This lake is privately owned and the owners make a good profit at the expense of anglers who want to take advantage of the bigger carp.

To participate in this event and compete for the big fish, you need to get a club membership. If you have a subscription to a fishing club, a week of being there will cost you 1600 euros per week. But such a quantity does not scare away avid fishermen and the 12-hectare lake never empties. The biggest carp in the world was caught in the spring of 2015.

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