10 Largest Flying Predatory Giants On Earth

In the modern world there are about 10,600 species of birds. They are: floating, flying, running, landing. All of them are different in weight, wingspan, size. There is no longer any place on our planet where there are no birds.

In this article we will talk about the largest flying birds in the world. Also find out their weight, length and wingspan, as well as where they live.

10. Steller’s sea eagle

Weight: 7kg.

Steller’s sea eagle – one of the largest birds on Earth. It is a bird of prey and it is considered the smartest on the planet. The genus hawk eagles includes eight species. The most famous are: the Steller’s eagle, the bald eagle and the white-tailed eagle.

The Steller’s sea eagle weighs between seven and nine kilograms, making it the largest of its kind. Due to the considerable weight, it limited its flight time. On average, it flies 25 minutes. Its wingspan in flight is 2 to 2.5 meters.

This bird has a varied menu, because it lives by the sea. It eats: salmon, newborn seals or other delicacies in the form of rodents. According to life expectancy, Steller’s sea eagles live about 18-23 years. The record was set by a bird that lived in the reserve under constant surveillance, it lived for 54 years.

9. golden eagle

Weight: 7kg.

Berkut – bird of prey, one of the ten largest birds on the planet. Like Steller’s sea eagle, it belongs to the falcon family. Interestingly, the female is much larger than the male, and her weight reaches 7 kilograms. What can not be said about the male, his weight is 3-5 kilograms.

A feature of this bird is a large hook-shaped nose with a downward curved tip and more elongated feathers on the neck. The wings of the golden eagle are about 180 to 250 cm long, wide and have incredible strength.

This bird is present in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Since the golden eagle is a bird of prey, it feeds mainly on small animals: rodents, hares, squirrels, martens, hedgehogs, ground squirrels, Kharkiv and other small game. They can also eat larger animals, such as calves, sheep.

In terms of life expectancy, a bird lives a long time from 45 to 67 years, there were examples where the golden eagle lived longer.

8. crowned eagle

Weight: 3-7kg.

This bird living in Africa is also a predator. crowned eagle became the most dangerous among his tribesmen. He is distinguished by his strength, dexterity and cruelty. The crowned eagle is considered one of the most beautiful and graceful. Its weight is 3-7 kilograms. As we have already discovered, this is the average weight of eagles. The bird is so fast that its prey does not have time to escape.

The crowned eagle eats prey sometimes and 5 times its size, such as antelopes, great apes, hyraxes. It feeds exclusively in its nest.

The bird is quite large, powerful, its wings are long and strong, the wingspan reaches two meters. A feature of this bird was a crown of feathers on its head. When the eagle is in danger or irritable, the crown lifts and puffs up, giving the eagle a vicious look.

7. japanese crane

Weight: 8kg.

Symbol of love, family happiness in many countries has become Japanese cranes. They received such associations thanks to their strong love, they remain faithful until the end of their days. Also for many he is the personification of purity, tranquility and prosperity.

Everyone knows the Japanese story of a thousand paper cranes, according to legend, when you make them, your dearest wish will come true. The habitat of these cranes is mainly Japan and the Far East.

The bird has become one of the largest, its weight is 8 kilograms. The plumage is mainly white, the neck is black with a longitudinal white stripe. The wingspan of the crane is 150 to 240 centimeters.

Cranes feed on marshy areas, where they find food in the form of frogs, lizards, small fish and various insects. The lifespan of this bird is different. In the natural habitat it is several decades old, but in captivity it can live up to 80 years.

6. King Albatross

Weight: 8kg.

A truly majestic bird, which has such a name for a reason. Also albatross become the largest bird, it weighs about 8 kilograms.

His body is large, dense, the head is small in relation to the body. The wings are pointed, they are quite large, strong and muscular. The wingspan is 280 to 330 centimeters.

They build their nests in the Campbell, Chatham and Auckland Islands area. The life expectancy of these birds is 58 years. Albatrosses feed essentially only on marine products: fish, crustaceans, molluscs and shrimps.

While walking, albatrosses stumble all the time for what they are considered clumsy and stupid, when in reality they are not.

5. Bustard

Weight: 8kg.

Bustard called one of the heaviest flying birds. Their weight is incredible, the male reaches the size of a turkey and weighs from 8 to 16 kilograms. The female weighs half as much as 4-8 kilograms. A feature of the bustard was not only its large dimensions, but also its motley coloring and featherless legs.

The plumage of the bustard is very beautiful. It consists of red, black, with a mixture of white and ash gray. Interestingly, their coloring does not depend on the season, but the females repeat all the time after the males.

The wingspan is 1.9 to 2.6 meters. Due to its large weight, the bustard takes off heavily, but flies quickly and confidently, stretching its neck and tucking its legs. The area of ​​​​residence is scattered to all corners of the Eurasian continent.

The birds have a varied diet. She can eat animals and plants. Coming from the plant world, the bustard loves: dandelions, clover, kid, vegetable cabbage. The bustard cannot boast of a long lifespan; the bustard can live up to 28 years.

4. trumpeter swan

Weight: 8-14kg.

This type of swan is the largest among the swans. Its weight varies from 8 to 14 kilograms. Its coloring is no different from other swans, but it is recognized by its black beak.

trumpeter swan located in the taiga swamps. We know that the swan spends most of its life in water. He takes off with difficulty then he must first run. The wingspan is 210 centimeters.

The trumpeter swan’s food is no different from any other. It also feeds on plant foods. Her preference is more: green stems of various aquatic plants, for example, lilies, algae. It can also consume insects, molluscs, larvae and small fish.

To feed, it only dips its head in water. Thanks to its long neck, the swan can draw its food from the depths. Their average lifespan is 20 years.

3. snow vulture

Weight: 11kg.

This bird is also called Himalayan Vulture. They are among the largest and most predatory birds. The weight of the neck is 6-11 kilograms. Their distinctive feature was dark plumage and a bare head, the neck is covered with a small amount of feathers. They have long and wide wings, the wingspan of which is 310 centimeters.

A clear distinctive anatomical feature of the neck was a large volume of goiter and stomach. The vulture also differs in nutrition – a scavenger. It feeds exclusively on mammal carcasses, mainly ungulates. Vultures live on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. The species is widely distributed in Africa south of the Sahara.

2. andean condor

Weight: 15kg.

The largest member of the vulture family. His body weight is 15 kilograms. Because of its large wings, the span of which is 3 meters. This fact made condor the largest bird of prey in the world.

They live long enough up to 50 years. These birds are located in the Andes. A feature of this bird has become a bald head, many consider it ugly. But it is a distinctive part of scavenger birds. The condor feeds on birds and sometimes even on the eggs of other birds. After a long fast, he can eat about 3 kilograms of meat.

1. pink pelican

Weight: 15kg.

A particularly beautiful bird. It differs from those listed above in its interesting shade of pale pink plumage. pink pelican has become one of the largest, the weight of the male is 15 kilograms, and that of the female half. The wingspan is about 3.6 meters.

Its interesting flight lies in the deep wingspan, it tries to hover longer in the air. A feature of the pink pelican was its long beak.

They feed on marine inhabitants, mainly large fish that they manage to catch. These birds are located in the area from the Danube to Mongolia. Unfortunately, the pink pelican is considered an endangered species and it is listed in the Red Book.

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